Machining Service

At AJ Ferguson, we have an extensive workshop, equipped with a comprehensive range of modern machinery enabling us to provide a high-quality and responsive wood machining service.



We have the following machines available to us:

  • Cross Cut - This circular saw is used for cutting timber to the approximate length.
  • Table Saw - This table mounted circular saw is used to 'rip' boards along their length.
  • Bandsaw - Our heavy duty bandsaw is used to 'rip' any timber that is too deep to cut with the table saw.
  • Panel Saw - This hydraulic powered saw is used to cut large sheets such as plywood either horizontally or vertically.
  • Spindle Moulder - This machine is used to add a profile to a length of timber or MDF, making it perfect for creating things like skirting boards, architraves, dado rails, picture rails etc.
  • Router - This is used to add a shape to the edge of a piece of timber, such as a chamfer or round.
  • Overhand Planer - This is used to straighten and square-up timber.
  • Thicknesser - This is used to reduce the thickness of a piece of timber, or to simply give it a smooth finish after it has been sawn by another machine.
  • 5 Head Moulder - This is a heavy duty feed through wood moulding machine. A versatile moulder that can produce S4S material, flooring or profiled mouldings
  • Mitre Saw - This adjustable saw is used to cut a length of timber at an angle.
  • Belt Sander - This handheld sander is useful for cleaning and finishing reclaimed wood.
  • Edge Bander - This is used to apply edging to cut-to-size MDF and wooden boards.
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Bespoke Services

At AJ Ferguson, we offer a range of bespoke services to our customers. We provide cutting and machining services as well as delivery so our customers can have bulkier products at their disposal quickly.

With our range of cutting and moulding machinery we:

  • Cut to your length
  • Cut to your size
  • Machine to your size and spec
  • Produce fillets, angles, points
  • Cut firrings
  • Cut plywood, MDF and other wooden boards to your size


With our in-house cross-cutters, band saws and panel saws, we cut all timbers stocked to meet your individual needs, including:

  • Cutting to your length
  • Cutting to your size
  • Cut fillets, angles, points
  • Cut plywood and MDF to your specifications
  • Cut Agricultural timbers to length


At AJ Ferguson, we provide a bespoke machining service with our 5 Head Planer-moulder to produce bespoke projects for our customers including:

  • PSE to size
  • Heavier and wider skirting up to 219mm
  • Heavy matchboards and floorboards up to 44mm
  • Capping
  • Grooving
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If you can draw it, we can machine it!

We can copy and machine anything from 0.9 metres in length upwards.
With our skilled technician and state-of-the-art machinery, we guarantee a product and service that is envied by most and matched by none.

We can produce cutters to precisely reproduce virtually any profile from a sketch or a pattern.

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machining machining


Our usual turnaround time for profiles and mouldings is 2 to 5 days from receipt of order.

  • Finished products can be accurately cut to length.

Classical planning machines, spindle moulders and morticers give us the ability to handle short runs, specials and one off jobs.


Although we carry a comprehensive range of thicknesses and widths on all of our joinery softwoods and hardwoods, customers often require large sections which are not commercially available in a single piece. Our ability to laminate any of our joinery softwoods or hardwoods in house offers a quick and efficient solution. Typical examples of this are worktops and bar tops.

In general, our laminating process uses a combination of biscuit jointing with either pva or polyurethane d4 glue to join timbers to virtually any section size. The sections are then clamped to allow the glue to set before being sanded to a finish of 150 grit or 180 grit if required.

The pva glue is normally used on moulded internal sections as it is easier to clean any excess away. The polyurethane d4 glue is used on all other joining applications and has the benefit of being usable for external applications.

  • We can supply finished products with a sanded finish using our belt sander.




As many timber products can be large and bulky, we offer a delivery service to ensure our customers' products are available to them as quickly as possible. We usually deliver within 1-3 working days subject to availability. To find out more, or if we deliver to your area, please feel free to contact us for further details or a quote.

We believe that the combination of our versatile and capable work shop and the large stock of quality timber that we hold enables us to offer a fast and flexible service.